A Tobacco Company?

As a high-performance company rich in heritage, Liggett Vector Brands was built on the ideals of innovation and dedicated teamwork. We provide a rewarding environment that celebrates results and new ideas. Our industry faces unique challenges compared to other manufacturers and consumer product companies.

Liggett Vector Brands recognizes the health risks associated with cigarettes and conducts the business of marketing and selling cigarettes in a responsible manner. As this industry is often the subject of controversy, we understand some individuals may not be interested in joining a company associated with the distribution of tobacco products but Liggett Vector Brands is more than a tobacco company.

We represent a team of pioneers:

Liggett Group was the first tobacco company to settle smoking-related litigation, which led to the landmark Master Settlement Agreement.

Liggett Group and Vector Tobacco are the only American tobacco companies to carry "SMOKING IS ADDICTIVE" warning labels on their cigarette packs and cartons.